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GENESYS (S-Tec) Addes Cove Helicopter as Heli SAS Dealer

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Cove Helicopter has been added to the GENESYS network of Heli SAS and Heli SAS with Auto pilot installers.

Available for installation in the Robinson Raven I and II product line this added equipment can greatly reduce pilot work loads.

Call for installation pricing and details.  Jim 814-414-9099

Robinson Introduces Glass Avionics

Saturday, February 8th, 2014
Torrance, CA — Robinson Helicopter Company is introducing a new line of instrument panels
and avionics for the R22, R44, and R66. The new line includes, as optional equipment, Garmin’s
GTN 600/700 touch-screen navigators, as well as Aspen Avionics’ Primary Flight Display (PFD)
and Multifunction Display (MFD) systems. Garmin’s GTR 225B COM radio, GMA 350H audio
panel, GDL 88 universal access transceiver (UAT), and GTX 330ES transponder are also
available. Robinson completed FAA flight tests and received approval for most of the new
equipment and is in the final stages of certification for a few remaining combinations.
To accommodate the new glass-style avionics, Robinson replaced its 7-, 9-, and 10-hole
instrument panels with 6- and 8-hole instrument panels. The 6-hole panel is standard on the R22
and R44 Raven I while the 8-hole panel is standard on the R44 Raven II and R66. The 8-hole
panel is also an option on the R44 Raven I. Both panels allow for glass avionics or traditional
instrument configurations.
The GTR 225B is now the standard COM radio on all models, replacing the Bendix/King KY
196A/197A. The GTR 225B and the GTN 635, 650, and 750 COMs all offer 8.33 kHz channel
spacing, which satisfies impending new regulations.
The GMA 350H audio panel replaces the existing AEM AA12S for dual-COM installations. The
GTX 330ES (Extended Squitter) transponder meets ADS-B Out equipment requirements when
paired with a GTN series navigator, and the GDL 88 UAT provides dual-band ADS-B In. The GTN
series navigators are installed in Robinson’s pilot side console (PSC), placing the equipment
directly in front of the pilot to minimize head-down time.
The new avionics and instrument panels will be on display at this year’s Helicopter Association
International convention, February 25-27 at the Anaheim Convention Center.
Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil
For additional information, visit

Robinson Helicopter’s only R66 dealer in PA

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Cove Helicopter is now Robinson Helicopter’s only authorized R44 and R66 in Pennsylvania.

Along with are tax free state and our discounted part pricing, Cove Helicopter now offers the best pricing on R44s and R66.

Ask about our year of free maintenance for new ship!

Call Jim today @ 814.414.9099

Robinson R66 Turbine Receives FAA Type Certificate

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

On October 25, 2010, three years and eight months after Robinson Helicopter publicly announced plans to develop a five-place turbine helicopter, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) presented Frank Robinson with Type Certificate No. R00015LA for the much-anticipated R66. The FAA also presented Robinson with an amended Production Certificate that now includes the R66, allowing Robinson to begin deliveries. Preliminary design of the R66 began in 2001 but engineering began in earnest in 2005 when Robinson reached an agreement with Rolls-Royce to develop the RR300 turbine engine. Frank Robinson had considered other power plant options, but ultimately collaborated with Rolls-Royce on the RR300, a derivative of the Rolls-Royce model 250 series. The concept of the R66 is the same that launched the R22 in 1979 and the R44 in 1992: a helicopter designed to perform as well or better than its competitors but for a lot less money. The R66 is certified to the current amendment of the federal regulations, including the latest crashworthiness standards. Pete Riedl, Robinson’s Chief Engineer, stated, “Because we were not working to a hard deadline, we had the opportunity to refine and optimize the design. The performance of the aircraft, so far, has met or exceeded all of our expectations.”  Dealer and maintenance support is growing with nearly sixty R66 dealers approved. Robinson is continually reviewing applications and expects to have world-wide support in place by the end of the year.

With a growing back log of orders,
production is underway and deliveries are scheduled to begin in
November 2010. Initial deliveries
will be in the western United States,
allowing Robinson to monitor performance.  The very first production
ship, S/N 0004, was delivered to
Helistream Inc., Robinson’s longtime
dealer in Costa Mesa, California.

Robinson Sales are Move Upward!

Thursday, January 6th, 2011
Robinson Helicopter Company ended
2009 having produced (25) R22s, (58) Raven Is and (350) Raven IIs for a total of 433
helicopters, a modest number when compared to the record 893 helicopters produced in 2008.
RHC attributes the sharp decline in domestic and international sales to the lack
of funding offered by banks and financial
institutions throughout the world.
Signs of improvement may be evident
by the surprising surge of orders received
at the beginning of this year.  As of 1 February 2010, RHC has received a total of 58
new R22/R44 orders, an encouraging sign
in a market that has been hit hard and has
struggled for over a year.

Robinson Helicopter Company ended 2009 having produced (25) R22s, (58) Raven Is and (350) Raven IIs for a total of 433 helicopters, a modest number when compared to the record 893 helicopters produced in 2008.RHC attributes the sharp decline in domestic and international sales to the lack of funding offered by banks and financial institutions throughout the world.  Signs of improvement may be evident by the surprising surge of orders received at the beginning of this year.  As of 1 February 2010, RHC has received a total of 58 new R22/R44 orders, an encouraging sign in a market that has been hit hard and has struggled for over a year.

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